Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thing #3

Hummmm! This article is rather difficult to write and remain diplomatic! How does one say "This made me feel rather inept, incapable, and certainly irritable" and state it in a positive way? It was certainly painful learning for this non-techie!
If I were receiving a grade, I would probably receive a C-----, but just barely when you consider my formatting (or lack there-of).
After having a great time playing paper dolls with my Avator (one of my all time favorite pastimes as a kid), I ground my teeth down to the gum line when trying to cut out that cutie and put her when she was supposed to go. Frankly, I think scissors are much easier!
She never quite made it to the right "box" on my posting, but since she finally decided to make an appearance on the page, albeit after taking hours of "shopping" (note the bags) in cyber-space, I got credit! Hey, credit is credit, right? That is the good news!
The bad news? I get to go to remedial tutoring for Blogger boo-boos! Even more challenging,there are still 20 things remaining! Since it only took me about 36 hours to do the first 3, it doesn't look promising.
Might be time to revisit some of those 7 1/2 habits-maybe the 1/2. I know there will be time to play sometime-but this feels like hard work to me!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thing Two

I enjoyed revisiting the Seven and one half Habits and reflecting on which was most difficult and which the easiest. Sometimes the hardest and easiest will vary, according to the craziness of phone calls, demands, and expectations of those in my world. The hardest today was putting first things first, particularly making time for the important things in my life. There are so many things that I believe in, and think important, that I found myself running out of time and energy.
The easiest thing, at least today, as I worked in a small group of folks who had high trust and long working relationships, was to think win-win. It is easy when trust and presuming positive intentions exist, to accomplish a great deal with everyone feeling good about the outcome.
I am now going to put first things first and sign off, so that I can give my body some much needed norishment! Until next time....